About us


Opening the cabinet was made in 2001, when branded Cristadent met many patients looking specialties: dentistry, gynecology, paediatrics, ENT, internal medicine, ultrasound abdominal and gynecological, cardiovascular ultrasound, radiology and dental laboratory .

Investment in cutting-edge medical equipment, wider coverage of health services and health professionals consisting of medical practitioners and specialists with much experience and high professional integrity, have succeeded over the years, to relieve the sufferings of hundreds of patients who crossed the threshold of our office. Professionalism, fairness, flexibility and experience are the main strengths of our team.

The work that we develop we aim to educate patients to prevent medical conditions through continuous monitoring of health.

Cristadent Medical Center aims to provide high standard medical services. Compliance with quality, accuracy of results provided in a timely and regular staff training helps to increase patient confidence in the services we offer.

Politeness and respect for the patient, the golden rule of every health professional, together with the desire to do well, brought us recognition as a serious and honest practice from those who have used our services.

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